New Construction

What types of New Construction does The Landmark Group Develop?

  • The Landmark Group is also active in the development of new construction buildings and about 25% of the developments are new construction.
  • The key to smart growth for new construction development is designing the buildings and sizing the property to fit the existing neighborhood.
  • There is no one “Landmark New Construction“ style building. Each community is designed for that specific location.
  • The buildings styles range from manor-house eight-plexes, single –family rental houses, low density four-plexes, townhouse urban infill, garden style to multi-story mid-rise buildings.
  • Since The Landmark Group is the long term owner of the properties for at least 15 years through the various tax credit programs, the construction and building materials are designed for the long term so that the property can be operated efficiently and that the property shows well for the local neighborhood

The Landmark Group has more than 80 projects in the Carolinas, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Maryland and Wisconsin.

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